It Came Home

Droplets of sweat absorbed by a sodden shirt, Not evaporating in the dry pressing heat, The light scorches everything it lays it’s gaze on, In the arid world of a final penalty defeat.

The Last Diner

Old white crumbling foam under black leather, Unashamedly peeking out of the years’ old rips, Surrounded by the whitewashed stuccoed walls, Darkened by recesses forgotten by the neon strips,


Sunlight shafts through the sooty towers, Nourishing the grateful green grass, Noises float on the cool summer breeze, Over the wildlife corridor it’ll pass,

One Way

Is there any free choice in a life? Are we on one way train tracks? Living on a predetermined route, Unaware of the fundamental facts.


Protons, electrons and higgs bosons, We are all made up of pure stardust, Chemicals reacting every millisecond,   Natural forces under our skin’s crust.