The Light

No breath leaving,

Oxygen depleting,

Diaphragm seized,

Last words wheezed,

Braincells on red alert,

Palms down on dirt,

Eyesight blurring now,

Sweat soaks your brow,

Then the brightest light,

Appears in your dark night,  

Filling your fading senses,

Obscuring the consequences,

Of your body’s fading strength,

And your future’s cut length,

This ethereal light surrounds,

Cocooning you from sounds,

The earthly heroes pumping,

And the electric shock jumping,

Trying to recover your soul,

Back into the dying black hole,

Instead you float up to the source,

Of the light’s huge magnetic force,

The rays warming glow receives you,

Like a hot bath makes you feel new,

Then you see the light’s huge origins,

A set of letters from when time begins,

Put in a sentence as simple as can be,

And as polite as an hotel’s maitre d’,

The last thing read by all of life’s audience,

The sign just says ‘sorry for the inconvenience’.

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