My name is Matt and I am just a normal man with some wheels strapped to me. My background is in computing and I thought that was where my talents lied, but in my spare time I was writing poetry. Usually to get things off my chest and yes sometimes for valentines day! I was finding I really enjoyed writing and people loved what I had written so I semi secretly wrote more. Last July I went to the Word with someone who was performing and really enjoyed listening to the different genres and thought I am going to see if I can read one of mine. Rob Gee was host so I kind of knew him and he said course. So I was a little nervous because I use a computer to talk for me and I had never spoken a poem out loud, it went ok and I got a round of applause! I had to tell everyone I was writing poetry and come out then.

My writing has come on so much from then in quality and quantity, writing poetry about any topic being funny or serious. I just wait for inspiration to come and I never know what poetry I am going to write next which is quite exciting.

If you know me can you comment on this page and write one sentence about me (nothing to rude). This will show people the real Matt Gopsill through my friends and family’s eyes.

Happy commenting!

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Matt is a very talented intelligent young Man-Dalek I am just not sure whether it’s the Matt part or the Dalek part that is so talented and intelligent!?

    Great work Matt, enjoyed reading and have shared


  2. Matt is a very intelligent , talented, kind, lovable man and he writes wonderful poetry that can make you laugh or make you think about things . Well done Matt keep up the great work . I look forward to reading them


  3. Hi Matt,
    I’ve had the pleasure of hearing you read your poems and I have enjoyed your work. Keeping writing. You certainly have a gift for using humour and realism.


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