Failed sneezes

Where do failed sneezes actually go?

Do they go up or travel down below?

Passing through the stomach on way,

To the nearest opening night or day,

Escaping and spreading out so wide,

Usually smelling like something’s died,

Or do sneezes go up inside your head?

Turning into thoughts waiting to be said,

But I can say all sneezes are one single entity,

Passing through constantly changing identity,

One time a polite and silent nod of your head,

Then making another person fall out of bed,

Sometimes the sneeze leaves without a goodbye,

Getting ready but gets bored without saying why,

Perhaps they have some place better to go to,

Your nose isn’t worthy of the work it goes through,

Or it’s called to another emergency sneezing event,

Someone else’s life or death total clean nasal vent,

Is there a sneeze world where it goes to rest?

Between jobs when it’s tired and feels calmest,

A world without dust or pollen to bother its nap,

Because it’s just one sneeze for humans to kidnap,

Luckily it has got other animal sneezes all outsourced,

So it can specialise solely on the human  exhaust,

So when you fail to have that sneeze happen some days,

Be patient and think sometimes the sneeze has delays.

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