What if

What if we lived forever?

Not growing old together,

What if we stayed healthy?

Elite athletes getting wealthy,

What if the world recovered?

Unlimited energy discovered,

What if we stop world hunger?

Stop the children dying younger,

What if we talked before a war?

No mass graves dug out any more,  

What if everyone was treated equal?

Nobody put into the rubbish sequel,

What if politicians kept all promises?

No papering over crumbling surfaces,

What if we get what we deserved in life?

A safe home away from the edge of a knife,

What if all our dreams were always answered?

What would we hope for if nothing angered,

What if is said to much in today’s world,

Blame is formulated and then is hurled,

What if isn’t the question we should say,

What can we do, is what will save today.

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