The fear

The fear is here,

Of going to near,

Relaxing the rules,

But fear never dulls,

Engrained in our mind,

Touching human kind,

Breathing the same air,

Causes the fear to flair,

Feeling publicly exposed,

Without our nose clothed,

Two metres from comfort,

And the rules been taught,

With deadly consequences,

Without any recompenses,

Engrained in our own brains,

Like the fast reactions to pains,

Unconsciously avoiding them,

Shooting down the nerve system,

Like greased lightning streams,

Unthinking internal hot beams,

Automated safety reflex action,  

Giving our bodies the satisfaction,

Of feeling safe despite dangers,

That a world of complete strangers,

Could do to harm us anywhere,

The fear stops the nightmare,

The infectious mixing of breaths,

That inflates the daily deaths,

But we have just been asked,

To start venturing out unmasked,

Despite our protective fear,

That’s Keeping us safe right here.

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