At the point of evaporation

At the point of evaporation it happened,

Nobody really knew quite why,

Some magic words were said with purpose,

Every single child started to cry.

Afterwards all the fake smoke had cleared,

And the mandatory pop was silenced,

Something had arrived at little bobs party,

The insurance wasn’t covered against.

At the point of evaporation the magician,

Who’s name was The Great Kenneth,

Accidentally tapped into the occult powers,

And appeared in a room with Death.

Now Death was as surprised as Kenneth,

Having a meeting with Satan before,

Now in the dark lord’s throne was a man,

With a wizard’s hat from a pound store.

His jaw dropped and eye sockets opened,

As Kenneth jumped out the fiery seat,

That’s burnt my fake polyester style cape,

And I know I can’t stand this heat.

Meanwhile twenty miles above Kenneth,

Satan was covering his sensitive ears,

Twenty sugar filled children all screaming,

Way worse than the banshees he rears.

Without the magic of hell’s head witch,

Satan was stuck on this cold earth,

While Kenneth had all the evil powers,

Could this be a new dark lord’s birth?  

Now the Great Kenneth had worked out,

What had just happened and why,

Suddenly the powers coursed through him,

He had never felt such a big high.

He could see everyone’s troubled soul,

Feel everyone’s anger and hate,

His skin was turning a nice hue of red,

It was then he knew his own fate.

The original Satan was in his sights,

And all he had to do was think,

It was just at the point of evaporation,

All of hell’s power came into sync.

Kenneth’s horns sprouted out his head,

Death bowed in polite reverence,

The Great Kenneth was the new devil,

And his magical powers were immense.  

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