Overthinking – like you know me

Like you know me you think,

I don’t need to make sure,

What you’re giving me is right,

You just overthink some more.

Taking my choices away from me,

Because it’s much easier for you,

Tea or coffee is too much effort,

To ask to get my personal view.

No time to wait for an answer back,

A nod or shake in polite return,

Only a few seconds in a long day,

But that time isn’t mine to burn.

Instead you overthink and take over,

You know me well so you think,

Taking into account the time of day,

The weather and what you’d drink.

You are my right hand not my brain,

So don’t think you know me well,

My mind is made up while you think,

But you are working your brain cell.

Don’t overthink for the two of us,

Take the burden of choice away,

The burden is mine and mine alone,

And I just want the flavour I say.

Don’t act like you know me please,

Just say these four simple words,

What do you want and wait a second,

I’m not daft and away with the birds.

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