Protons, electrons and higgs bosons,

We are all made up of pure stardust,

Chemicals reacting every millisecond,  

Natural forces under our skin’s crust.

Our elements formed far far away,

In the centre of an extinguished star,

Blown across galaxies by solar winds,

Collecting to make you what you are.

Orbiting many distant worlds full of life,

Crossing cold voids empty and silent,

Weaving through fields of ancient asteroids,

 Skimming surfaces of suns so violent.

All arriving at a pale blue dot circling a star,

Ready to create a new sentient lifeform,

Coalescing into something uniquely complex,

Something different from the cosmic norm.

We all are connected to the dots in the sky,

The pin pricks of millennia old light rays,

Marking our seasons yearly progress on earth,

And aligning with our own calendar days.

The universe we are all part of surrounds us,

Stardust constantly renewing its uses,

Lifetimes of building and burning civilizations,

With the usual multitude of excuses.

Its universal connections keep everyone alive,

Bonding with huge elemental forces,

Growing from dust to make the building blocks,

Through which all precious life courses.

So when you look up and gaze upon a star,

Its timeless light reaching its destination,

Your seeing the past, the present and future,

And there should be your own realisation.

We are all made of stars throughout history,

That beam of photons connects you too,

long lost ancestors and unknown generations,

Because stardust is life’s eternal glue.

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