I’m here

The last thing I want to do is hurt you,  

As I walked through the open door,

But  the machete in my hand is heavy,

then you’re lying on the cold floor,

the red pool coming from your body,

is directly from your beating heart,

I can feel yours and my life mingling,

And we will never now grow apart.

I can see your eyes fixed upon mine,

Such a beautiful and radiant blue,

No don’t close them yet my dearest,

I don’t want to ever leave you.

You are laying here in my loving arms,

So relaxed under all our pictures,

Arranged just as you preferred on there,

Amongst the fittings and fixtures.

I won’t let anything bad happen to you,

From now on you are all mine,

Your body will always be at my side,

Don’t worry love,  it’ll be fine.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust now,

Eternity together does make sense,

I trust you with all my loving heart,

I know that thing was all nonsense.

I understand the misunderstanding,

I grasped the wrong end of the stick,

The message I saw you send to him,

Must’ve been written much to quick.

You wouldn’t have said all of that,

Because we are getting hitched,

And he’s my best man on this day,

I know, your phone had glitched.

I knew you love me with everything,

Even though I’ve ruined that top,

The floor will need a good clean up,

But don’t worry I’ll get the mop.

Don’t close your eyes and dream yet,

My best man is outside in the car,

Did you know our boot is very spacious,

Even had room for the metal bar.

The last thing I wanted to do is hurt you,  

But you left me with no options,

It was you and me forever my love,

I can’t be blamed for my reactions.  

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