Virtually Framed


Trapped in a virtual frame

Buffering our online game

Skype your face time tool

Zooming to lockdown rule

Each pixel of skin defined

Touching someone declined

Will invitations be accepted

Will the hackers be rejected

Emails of virtual meetings

Contains virtual greetings

Emotionless and monotone

Forget Explorer, use Chrome

Turning you to ones and zeros

Faster net providers, our heroes

But we are stuck in a frame

With a real virus to blame

In landscape on a wide screen

With a webcam lens between

Copy and pasting your own face

To frames labelled with uppercase

Your personal box in a net

Staring at the screen in regret

Remembering the time before

When social was out the door

And you weren’t trapped here

This prison online just here

In a square of pixelated colour

Virtually framed from one another

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