Just a Few Lines


A simple ribbon of ink between two points,

Or a brand new idea succinctly made,

A line in the sand between two enemies,

Stamped into history which won’t fade.


Just a few lines simply drawn on paper,

Can be worth much more than gold,  

A significant signature scratched on paint,

Transforms it into a sight to behold.


A few lines of a speech heard by many,

Could start a revolution and alteration,

Inspiring a nation to fight for their rights,

Laying foundations for their new creation.


A few lines of poetry can ignite pure love,

Two hearts to meet and beat as one,

Souls to be intertwined and merge forever,

Sharing a journey their lives go upon.


A few lines of powder can ruin lives too,

Exploding in your brain like a bomb,

A fuse leading to unknown destruction,

The path so impossible to turn from.


Just a few lines of gunpowder sparkling,

A cause or a consequence of warfare,

Gathering lines of infantry hundreds wide,

Killers to order with an absent stare.


A few lines of an order starts genocide,

And causes crimes against humanity,

One thought from a dictator begins it,

Mass murder coming from insanity.


Just a few lines could save the world,

A signature to seal a promised change,

Cutting the carbon footprint of a country,

Getting a safer climate back in range.


A few lines of computer code written,

Could destroy everything planetary,

The ultimate extinction of life ever seen,

Happening with a strike of a key.


Just a few lines can make a difference,

Changing the course of many lives,

A sweep of a pen or a few data strings,

A simple line can change who survives. 

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