20 / 21

Two years connected by a single second,

A uniquely ordinary tick of times clock,

The new dawn after the year of sorrow,

A page turned on the sound of the tock.

But in this brave new world following,

The planet wide wave of cold anxiety,

Chilling each and everyone to the bone,

Putting the brakes on human society.

A hangover to end all hangovers to come,

The new year has only opened an eye,

The bruise is already forming round it,

And the bloodshot white wants to cry.

Earth has orbited the sun and returned,

To the position it was before the fear,

But it’s existing in a new cosmic space,

Leaving behind many lives arriving here.

Old acquaintances will be remembered,

Long after the bangs of the fireworks,

Each individual isn’t just a chilling statistic,

Behind the numbers a good friend lurks.

Memories of night and days socializing,

Without the two metre gap between,

The mouths full of laughter and gossip,

Were naked for everything to be seen.

The bongs boomed out a beginning,

To a much hyped and hope filled year,

Vaccinations and new relationships done,

But the road ahead is still very unclear.

The ghosts of Christmas past haunt us,

With rising hospitalisations happening,

The annual turkey dinner had a taste,

Of infection which is just so saddening.

The morning after the long year before,

Regrets and dread filling every head,

Lockdown the sequel was coming fast,

And this was before getting out of bed.

Population was shrinking everywhere,

Nowhere was safe except the home,

This false new dawn was upon us all,

The land of the free told not to roam.

But the filling graveyards all round us,

Ignored by the ignorant idiots in groups,

Booking their own plots outside churches,

Under the bare willow’s respectful droops.

In the twenty-first year of this century,

Each day the sun will rise up and down,

Every single person will clearly remember,

Ones the twenty twenty waves did drown.

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