The crash

The seat belt locked across my braced chest,

Pulling me into the safety of the head rest,

The noise of the impact reverberated around,

Echoing from old CD cases windscreen bound,

The landscape was whirling like a spinning top,

Happening in freeze frame as my four tyres pop,

The world around me slowed to a sluggish crawl,

Traffic stopped and like magic snow started to fall,

A man stepped out of the BMW my car embraced,

A mop of messy blonde hair uncombed in haste,

With a distinctly distant look as if he’s in a dream,

He bumbled over to me through the snowy steam,

The conversation we had just started with a stutter,

He had to warm his brain up when doing his mutter,

Then he blurted out, “I’ll fix everything, guaranteed”,

Quickly he brought out a phone out with PM on indeed,

The gold leaf letters shone out in the weird snow light,

He ordered the army and air force to our crash site,

Within ten minutes a cordon of soldiers were standing,

Enclosing our crash from the media’s interest expanding,

He said I told you I’d get everything sorted straight away,

Don’t worry about money because I’ll get the EU to pay,

Quick as a flash he was on his helicopter shouting as he went,

Here are my negotiators they’ll do it all and fix that big dent.

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