The monster inside


There is a feeling that strikes with a bite in the night,

A choking terror of a vice like grip that squeezes tight,

The unescapable claws of the monster inside my brain,

Galloping towards me ready to inflict tonight’s pain,

Hidden scars never healing from its previous attacks,

They are just under the surface causing further cracks,

Always lurking in the shadows of my unconscious mind,

The whispering reminders of the mistakes I left behind,

Coming forward from within me with a familiar greeting,

The heat of its stale breath and thump of its heart beating,

Bursting out of me like an alien parasite craving the air,

Eating me from the inside like a  guilt ridden nightmare,

But this monster inside mostly comes at night, mostly,

And this evil entity knows where I hide and waits ghostly,

Seizing my neurons like a camouflaged leopard in grass,

Sinking its poison covered teeth in when I sleepily pass,

Jolting me awake as it overtakes night after restless night,

As I succumb to its well timed blows in our scheduled fight,

The monster inside my head never leaves me on my own,

But it’s my manifestation and our battles, I face alone.  

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