Diamonds on the Water


A shoreline smothered with lime green life,

Under a cloudless ceiling of Ceylon sapphire,

Sails of fresh white sheets tack and turn about,

Pushed forward by the scent of barbecue fire.


The cool water silently kisses the rocky earth,

Waring away the cracked summer time soil,

Yet a single spindly tree clings on to the shore,

Dangling some roots in a tightly bound coil.


The diamonds on the water glint invitingly out,

As if their brilliantly cut surfaces are shining,

With the light produced millions of miles away,

Giving the ripples an expensive gold lining.


The dappled shade of my sun tinged canopy,

Gently rattling in the freshly cleaned breeze,

Purified over the gemstone encrusted reservoir,

Shaving the temperature down several degrees.


The emerald green grass slope waiting to drink,

Queuing up like customers ordering at a bar,

Patiently standing up and supporting each other,

Each blade tasting the land’s golden nectar.


On the bank people gathering like wild animals,

Safety in numbers is now slowly returning,

Basking in the warmth of the afternoon’s rest,

With swathes of ruby red skin burning.


Sparkling diamonds on a million gallons,

A priceless valley filled with drops of life,

Room for rest, relaxation and recreation,

A place to pause and forget all your strife.

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