A surge of electricity jolting through renewed touch,

Soldered together with the heat of the moment,

Circuits of neural activity reviving after several months,

Caress of skin against skin sparking enjoyment.


Bridging the river that’s bisected a flash flooded city,

Reconnecting the two halves of the population,

The sizzling atmosphere of celebration igniting the air,

With the sudden release of pent up adulation,


A spark of hope after the confinement of the hug,

Jailed together securely with all hand holding,

But the lockdown is being released very slowly now,

As the prosecution’s case has started folding.


The human touch is having a resurgence everywhere,

The Internet connection wasn’t the same,

Hand shaking or holding your partner in emoji forms,

Fades to nothing when reality’s in the game.


A bolt of excitement follows shopaholics in towns,

Feeding the economy with contactless payment,

The beeping heartbeat of the country’s finances,

Gaining strength with each visa card engagement.


Recharging your dying socialising batteries in public,

The warning lights were flashing from day one,

Living in pyjamas and not using up the shaving cream,

Running down your enthusiasm till it was gone.


But a chat over a steaming mug and a biscuit or two,

Energises your body and soul in your bubble,

Doubling up with laughter and your love for life,

Forgetting the lockdown and causing trouble.


Reconnecting with your pre Covid lives will shock,

For some it will be the hardest task of them all,

With the boost from family and friends empowering,

You will come out fully charged and standing tall.

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