The land of fire


An arid ash covered land which still steams,

Fires sped along burning rubber to carbon,

Everything was consumed by this hungry beast,

With flaming eyes and sympathy for no one.


Nothing stopped its progress through lives,

Devouring possessions without a thought,

Wrecking futures and taking unique memories,

Devastating all the poor victims he caught.


The newly blackened landscape shimmers,

Through the dry and suffocating heat haze,

The bare bones of a once flourishing forest,

Stand up after the destruction of the blaze.


The outback air is still thick with the smoke,

Caught up with the souls of the ancestors,

Death and suffering starts eyes watering,

On the land of the aboriginal predecessors.


But in the open wounds of the charred ruins,

Green shoots of rebirth are sprouting upwards,

Life rising from the flames like a bright firebird,

Australia’s river of spirits is flowing forwards.



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