The face of time


Eyes that have seen a million images stare back,

Foggier than before the years of daily use,

Misty blue rings round two black holes in space,

Dulling after the years of nature’s abuse.


Lines radiating from the corners of many blinks,

Infinite fractions of many closed seconds,

Tears of sadness and joy eroding over the time,

As countless feelings come and beckons.


Frowns over the millennia have left their mark,

Like circles formed inside a tree trunk,

A ridged surface indicating a lifetime of feelings,

Indelibly carved in moments with a clunk.


Matted grey hair eroded by waves of fashions,

Receding naturally with each brushstroke,

Each strand a timeline from the many birth root,

Years after every unique hairline awoke.


Coming down the middle of the long face of time,

A nose that has breathed in historic air,

Gun smoke and poisoned gas from long lost battles,

And the calm peaceful breeze free of care.


Multiple atmospheres have passed through this nose,

All the joy and sadness of the human race,

The familiar smells of fear and loathing linger longest,

In the unforgettable memory of time’s face.


The nose is hanging over a river canyon wide smile,

Full of weathered pillars of yellowish teeth,

Voices echoing from long gone races can be heard,

Coming up from the body of time underneath.


An ancient tongue speaking the forgotten dialects,

All with a common language of hope and love,

Preserved in each breath taken through these lips,

Spoken by long gone people looking from above.


Staring into this face of time it reminds everyone,

Just how much the human race has survived,

Through the horrors of war and the bliss of peace,

The harmony of the world needs to be revived.

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