The final meeting


Good afternoon sir how are you today,

Said the hooded figure there beside me,

I noticed he was very tall in my confusion,

I replied instantly I’m as well as I can be.


I looked round suddenly seeing the fog,

Descending around us like a net curtain,

Shadows past by like fish in a muddy pond,

Details of the world becoming uncertain.


The hazily photographed image appeared,

A crashed car embracing a shocked tree,

The airbag bleeding from the steering wheel,

But in the middle of this carnage was me.


I couldn’t comprehend the scene before me,

The ultimate out of body experience,

Then the dark and shadow like figure spoke,

You never get used to the gory violence.


It continued to talk in a deeply cold voice,

You had a pretty decent Mercedes there,

Shame about the patch of hidden black ice,

Sometimes life and death just isn’t fair,


I finally looked at the origin of the talking,

A face hidden inside a jet black hoody,

Above some darker Nike tracksuit bottoms,

He just said get with the times buddy.


I replied to this tall dark stranger looming,

I thought you carried round your scythe,

It’s in for sharpening Death boomed solemnly,

I have a hire strimmer said with a writhe.


I began to get over the shock of the moment,

And curiosity overtook my sense of fear,

Do you know where I’m going to, I questioned,

Or will I be haunting drivers right here?


I’m just the one that does the point of death,

I never go into the after life department,

I haven’t got the relevant paperwork issued,

They don’t let me in the life compartment.


I’m just the meet and greet for your transition,

A friendly face to help you on your way,

I had a holiday in the late eighteen hundreds,

And I’m still clearing the ghosts today.


I think your ride’s about to arrive on the left,

I hope I’ve been helpful with the passing,

Please mind your step into your Lamborghini,

I have them backlogs of ghosts amassing.


With that my final meeting ended with a roar,

As my ride appeared from nowhere,

I turned to wave to my black clothed greeter,

But I couldn’t see the hoody anywhere.


The super car door silently opened wide,

I stepped into the nice new car smell,

One last look at my lifeless earthly body,

Thank God the car said heaven not hell.

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