Rear view mirror


The reflected vista shown of the place I used to be,

A glance into my past and a former version of me,

Ghosts of the present slowly fading to memories,

My life’s journeys beginning to form new stories,

Oblong window leading to the recently experienced,

Roads leading to now being very neatly condensed,

Safety first when checking into my historical views,

Helping me choose future actions with its clear clues,

Its ever changing picture of life speeding by so fast,

I stop at a crossroads looking longingly at my past,

A smooth and empty road without any speed bumps,

Ahead warning signs and choices with many lumps,

I know the road in the mirror like veins on my hand,

Ahead is full of blind bends and unexplored new land,

Choices regularly arrive on all routes of life’s travels,

Bringing up trepidation and a chance of rough gravels,

But a glance in my rear view mirror will just remind,

My once in a lifetime trip is all mine to go and find,

Whatever objects or obstacles that blocked my way,

I enjoyed the challenge of swerving every single day.

Each of us has a rear view mirror to show how we tick,

Remember to look in the reflected vision going to quick,

Every once in a while think about what the mirror shows,

This is more than just your past, its how your path grows.

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