Laying in the heavy darkness of a chilled winter’s night,

Illuminated by the unwelcome numbers burning bright,

Memories of a half remembered dream in my wet head,

A sweat bead sleepily wandering down towards my bed,

My red hot skin suddenly exposed to the cool night air,

Unguarded to the icy calm attack of areas I dare to bare,

The silence is accompanied by the steady howl of wind,

Another named storm passing making tent pegs unpinned,

Sleep sands escapes my opening eyes to the waking world,

Blown away from the site minutes earlier dreams swirled,

The gloomily unlit room appears through the pitch black,

Familiar views of personal properties bring memories back,

Views of family and friends come and go in a whirlpool,

Going around your awakening brain like on a film spool,

Surrounded by thoughts of people in the lonely clock light,

Imagination running wild like tempers in a back street fight,

Neurons firing left right and centre without taking any aim,

Solving problems randomly that wasn’t even in life’s frame,

Why do I need to know how long to cook turkey at Christmas,

Or how do I keep ice cream cold for a nice picnic in a thermos,

Round and round the houses where my useless ideas live,

Playing ring the door bells and run hoping they will forgive,

Filling my tired brain with rage for disturbing its beauty sleep,

My mind shouting out swear words and suggestions of sheep,

Counting them woolly jumpers going over the imaginary fence,

Until you and the sheep are bored with the huge energy expense,

You suddenly hear a beautiful dawn chorus ringing in your ears,

As welcome as a jack hammer digging your road up for years,

I brace myself for my alarm clock singing its daily joyful tune,

Alerting my comfy body its time to exit my warm cocoon,

There it is in all its internal conflict and struggles and how,

My awakening happened suddenly but I’m really tired now.


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