The bandersnear


In days come, done their business and gone,

The bandersnear was the thing to fear,

The apex predator dominated the food chain,

Nothing was safe from the bandersnear.


Prowling the ancient land for simple meals,

Eying up their next target with an evil leer,

As big as a grizzly bear but lightning quick,

No animal could escape the bandersnear.


Out smarting neanderthals with great ease,

Waiting till the dead of night to appear,

Silently taking its victims without any effort,

Efficiency is everything to the bandersnear.


A solitary existence fills its menacing days,

Watching tantalizing prey coming to near,

Perfectly camouflaged in the thick bushes,

Surprise is a key skill to the bandersnear.


Never sleeping it’s always alert to chances,

Pouncing on a tempting unprotected rear,

Everything is its target for their rapid attack,

Nothing can predict for the bandersnear.


Moving from place to place without effort,

The lightest footsteps no being can hear,

It moves like a ninja without all the drama,

Everywhere is home to the bandersnear.


The deadly lone ranger shuns all company,

Nearly every second of the typical year,

Except once when the situation is perfect,

A rarely seen moment to the bandersnear.


Two of the earth’s most fearsome beings,

Meet and spread panic that’s so severe,

They multiply in the heartbeat of danger,

The terrifying birthday of the bandersnear.


The population has grown to the present day,

 Its stealth is making numbers unclear,

Adapting to the city streets with great ease,

Watch for the attack of the bandersnear.


It can happen to you in the day or at night,

Making you scream or shed a cold tear,

This creature is fear in the personified form,

You will never escape the bandersnear.

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