Born a star


A glimmer of light in the enveloping darkness,

A flash of newly gathered energy sparking,

A wave of heat voyaging across nothingness,

A randomly discovered chemical bond starting.


Gathering near by atoms that enter the heat,

Gaining mass that sets off a chain reaction,

Grasping particular particles passing by closely,

Growing in substance and gaining attraction,


Starting to create immense pressure inside,

Swelling to the star’s final gargantuan size,

Sizzling with fusion power as atoms collide,

Shining its first light in its first red sun rise.


For years its first rays reached out randomly,

Feeling for something to put its spotlight on,

Forcing passers by to gravitate around its bulk,

Forming it’s own solar system to tag along.


The heat and light gave its companions life,

They gained an atmosphere of hospitability,

Then ecosystems grew and flourished there,

Thanks to their celestial body’s habitability.


Many sunrises and sunsets lit up generations,

Making their improving lives full of wonder,

More innovation and inventions came along,

Moving the rapidity of life to a real thunder.


A spark of life shone out through the din,

A combination of D N A fused together,

A collection of cells slowly joined a group,

A new soul had suddenly arrived to get her.


Growing in size and mass over the years,

Gaining the spark of knowledge slowly,

Getting her thoughts and understanding,

Grasping some fresh and new ideas solely.


Sowing unseen seeds in the public domain,

Slowly watching her sound waves spread,

Steadily gaining attraction as they take hold,

Suddenly giving her fame and street cred.


Her musical talents quickly fill the world’s air,

Hurriedly filling music venues and halls,

Hearing it fans flock to follow this bright star,

Having a group of loyal roadies on calls.


Melodies and new lyrics in her popular songs,

Makes feelings of happiness in her fans,

Manufacturing new ideas and inspiring voices,

Moulding fresh works from rising artisans.


Brand new sunlight displays the new visions,

Boldly standing out in their coming dawn,

Bands of time continue to pass silently over,

Bringing moments when new stars are born.

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