A light blinks


A pin prick of light pierces the still gloom,

A small insignificant light emitting diode,

Silently doing it’s one and only function,

In the darkness the tiny red glass glowed.


Capturing the attention of the black room,

Eyes worryingly fixed on its staring shine,

Nobody interrupting its awaited moment,

Everyone thinking of the world’s decline.


The stale air was filled with combined dread,

Which Joined the noise of silent breathing,

Complementing the gently humming air filter,

The unnoticed freshness it was bequeathing.


The red light illuminated a single circular area,

Shining off the control’s high tech surface,

Antibacterial, none stick and self cleaning metal,

The most advanced tool of the human race.


Hidden inside a buried bunker the light shone,

The weak rays falling onto a lonely word,

Printed in black bold times new roman capitals,

The word warning read but never heard.


The glow kindled fires of fear and bitter regret,

In the souls of the most influential men,

Could they have stopped this light illuminating,

The last on earth to be witnessed then.


This most insignificant spot of pure red colour,

Joined by thin wires to the outside world,  

Sensations turned to an electrical spark flowed,

As radioactive particles are being hurled.


Suddenly the silence intensified to new heights,

The air circulation fan spluttered and stopped,

There was only the glow from the mini red light,

The heavy dullness and heart ache dropped.


The once blue and green planet of varied life,

Ended in the split second when nobody thinks,

The last life on earth bathing in the red light,

But then with the word warning, a light blinks.

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