Never trust a disabled person


You should never trust a disabled person,

Most are nice and polite and kind,

But some are evil without mercy for others,

Tearing up what happiness they find.


You should never trust a disabled person,

Their disfigurements send them mad,

Darth Vader tried to destroy the alliance,

When the burns drove him to be bad.


His hooded emperor was similarly disabled,

Crippled and burnt by a light sabre,

Ordering a huge and evil clone army to fight,

Getting big savings on tools and labour.


Even the penguin from Gotham was bad,

Constantly waddling with his cane,

Not giving batman a single night’s sleep,

Delighting in dishing out devilish pain.


He sometimes teamed up with another,

A huge muscle bound man called Bane,

He couldn’t breathe without a nebuliser,

Meeting in the asylum for the insane.


A disabled baddy faced MI5’s finest spy,

Times James Bond clashed with Blofeld,

The criminal that led the group Spectre,

In a wheelchair with the cat he held.


People with missing limbs are worst,

With Captain Hook an evil pirate,

Along with Long john Silver’s peg leg,

Some amputees are extremely irate.


Even in middle earth a long time ago,

The leader of the evil orc army too,

Lost his left hand in the heat of battle,

Got a blade and stuck it on with glue.


Watch out for the little people as well,

Scheming and planning evil deeds,

Rumpelstiltskin was the very worst one,

Plotting tricks to make him succeed.


He wanted a baby but couldn’t adopt,

He tricked a princess to give her son,

But Rumpelstiltskin singing his odd name,

Ruined the dwarf’s plan and his fun.


All these examples should be heeded,

Those warning signs are always there,

I’m saying never trust a disabled person,

The results really could be a nightmare.


 But can you believe all that you read,

Could I be skewing the facts I’ve tabled,

Can you believe anything that I said now,

Knowing the fact that I am also disabled.

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