City wanderer


Slowly swaying through the city streets,

The city wanderer makes his way,

Unwavering progress towards his goal,

The same path he takes each day.


Passed the hustles and bustle of city life,

He’s seen it all in his many years,

The ever renewing and evolving skyline,

With everybody’s hopes and fears.


Sauntering passed the stretching towers,

Relaxing after a hard day’s work,

Futuristic designs containing many assets,

Wrapped up in the financial murk.


The scenery changing minute by minute,

People unconcerned by the wanderer,

Wrapped up in their third world problems,

To notice this quiet city meanderer.


Modern steel and self cleaning glass panes,

Give way to ancient foundation stones,

Supporting the population’s beliefs of life,

The home of all the spiritualised tones.


Great monuments of set historical values,

Listed in two grades of national interest,

Protected from natural modernisation,

Despite having an English heritage crest.


Different creeds and religions pass him,

They are all the same to the commuter,

He’s known all the fads and risen deities,

He’s probably used the sacred pewter.


Wandering ponderously passed art work,

He sees modern and historical pieces alike,

Million pound world renowned sculptures,

Or a piece of graffiti painted beside a bike.


This wanderer is an integral part of the city,

Known by everyone he passes by name,

He helps all his fellow city dwellers daily,

He treats the rich and poor just the same.


Whether it’s recreation or his hourly work,

He obliges without a single complaint,

He wanders the city with people following,

Leading his congregation like a saint.


His life slowly flows through the capital,

Flowing passed the monarchies gems,

Waving as he wanders passed parliament,

This city wanderer is called the Thames.

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