Journey into nowhere


On a narrow boat made of holy smoke,

On the river of the other moons,

Passing by the newly sown fields of gold,

Producing ripe and juicy doubloons.


The river banks are full of deep holes,

Ready to give you cash withdrawals,

But the wild fatcats undermined them,

Making nests with wobbling morals.


Slowly hurtling through this odd land,

Taking your brain to a new dimension,

Take notice of the safety advice given,

Don’t forget to pay very close attention.


Put on your seat belt and braces tight,

The exits are all around your boat,

If you feel to dizzy look at the horizon,

And please don’t feed the poor goat.


I hope you enjoy your really wild ride,

On this amazing journey into nowhere,

Free tea and coffee will be self served,

Its your kettle, pot and cup to be fair.


Look at that house on the grassy hill,

Its been painted the purest white,

Inside contains this world’s big chief,

He’s always tweeting for a fight.


Feel that rocking under your chair,

The rich sound waves of this river,

Its constantly streaming music down,

A watery net forever ready to deliver.


Fluffy white water vapor in the sky,

The modern addiction of today,

Laced with tasty useless necessities,

For the people prepared to pay.


A forest of high rise concrete trees,

The nesting place of the workers,

Not maintained and very overgrown,

Some are full of darkness lurkers.


In the distance the sea of change,

Growing wider with every voice,

Flooding with pure liquid discontent,

Running like an old jogging tortoise


An evil monster threatens this land,

A new silent and invisible creature,

Born with a loud burst of dirty energy,

Its choking kills is its main feature.


Hold on tight for the next stretch,

This bit of river is home to trolls,

Filling the river net full of rubbish,

Ruining the flow with faked lols.


Notice up there on the tallest tree,

The mating display of the birds,

Huge red lips and inflated chests,

With paps flocking round in herds.


This is almost the end of the journey,

Did anyone remember the goat?

His names Tax and he’s so hungry,

He’s everywhere I go on the boat.


One final view before you all leave,

Do you see that mist in the air,

Smoke from old flames of happiness,

Embers now of we don’t really care.


I hope you’ve enjoyed your mind trip,

Through this land of imagination,

I hope you take away your free gift,

New appreciation of your home nation.


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