Fire in time


A timeless landscape of moments on fire,

Burning various bridges to the passed,

Flames of gold roaring against the infinity,

This inferno’s energy is endlessly vast.


Historical events that form the present,

Lost in all of time’s linear sequence,

Demolishing the foundations of today,

Forgetting actions have consequence.


Ravaging connections learnt over time,

Synapses destroyed like rotting wood,

Leaving the past behind In the panic,

Concentrating on future events to bud.


Letting bygones be the bygones forever,

The flames in time hiding experiences,

Lifetimes set adrift in the rising smoke,

Falling as fading photos as it condenses.


The black choking ash concealing years,

Reducing them to a fuzzy grey shadow,

No definition in the scorched landscape,

A beautiful view under the dark snow.


The fogged window steaming up slowly,

Covered in the liquid heat of the fire,

Blocking the evolution that happened,

Gradually vanishing in times lit pyre.


A burning candle lighting a bedroom,

Containing your best hiding place,

A Bunsen in your old lost classroom,

Burning the new hairs off your face.


The fire in time clearing your memories,

Like incinerating trees in a forest blaze,

Stripping your mind of its precious past,

Leaving your unique life in a heat haze.



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