Shadow rangers

Hear the rustling through the forest,
Hear the calls of saws in use,
See flashes of light under the leaves,
The shadow rangers are loose.

The foliage is their leafy green domain,
Protecting all flora and fauna,
Vanquishing all evil invading species,
Even in the land’s darkest corner.

Knowing all the inhabitants by name,
Fixing catastrophes with ease,
Watching over the arboreal kingdom,
Capes fluttering on the breeze.

With their shining knives of honour,
And gators of total protection,
No poisonous plant can stop them,
Nothing hides their inspection.

Clearing the way for the new growth,
Supporting the woods elders,
Ensuring they grow straight and true,
They are natures crack welders.

Running as fast as a speeding wasp,
Jumping over the tallest gate,
Lifting branches as long as some busses,
Changing the woods fragile fate. 

But over night a deadly enemy arises,
Threatening the whole ecosystem,
An invader from a far off foreign soil,
Not even old trees could resist him.

This airborne army takes no prisoners,
Attacking the woods infrastructure,
Killing growth and turning ashes to ashes,
Causing the fragile balance to fracture.

Within a few years disease will come,
Effecting the whole leafy commune,
Death and destruction will dominate,
No tree or animal will be immune.

But at the first sign of the invasion,
The shadow rangers are in action,
Flying to the front line of the battle,
Ever ready for their deadly reaction.

Quick as a falling tree on a Ferrari,
They contain the evil conquerors,
Ridding the woodland of its enemies,
Again safe for the forest wanderers.

The shadow rangers are always there,
Watching over their natural city home,
Protecting and serving each living soul,
As through the mossy trunks they roam.

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