Mud Holds Beauty


The life blood of our mother earth,

Sometimes it flows and slips free,

The veins and arteries of the world,

Without it all of life wouldn’t be.


From it new life grows to the sky,

Produces fruit and many flowers,

Baked in ovens till hard as rocks,

It makes blocks for ornate towers.


But the life force is drying all up,

Resources are being quickly burnt,

The earth’s being drained so fast,

Life isn’t free, its meant to be earnt.


The mother of all life on this globe,

Was looking over her offspring,

Saddened by the state of her home,

The warnings we’d been ignoring.


The ground erupts in a vast mud river,

With all the browns on show,

Cascading down a steep mountainside,

With only one place to go.


Reaching a small village in Thailand,

The muddy flow suddenly stopped,

It rose to about a hundred feet tall,

A womanly figure quickly developed.



She had a voice that filled the air,

Reaching every human alive,

Stop exploiting me, life’s mother,

If you want to go on and thrive.


The woman’s beauty was so historic,

Her message was widely received,

Mankind stopped ravaging the earth,

The planet’s salvation was achieved.

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