In the heart of the blackened darkness,

Far away from the nearest drop of light,

Inside the huge cavernous mouth of hell,

Something was born in the dead of night.


It screamed to mark its deadliest arrival,

Filling the void with an ancient sound,

Arms like tree trunks and piercing eyes,

It pounded the vile mud soaked ground.


It’s mother died in pure untold agony,

Writhing alone in this pit of despair,

Becoming it’s first freshly killed meal,

Nourishing It as it becomes aware.


The appetite for warm blood spawned,

Feeding each of its growing muscles,

Fuelling the first unholy growth spurt,

Ready for this life’s grizzly tussles.


With an unearthly roar it stood up,

Stretching out its imposing figure,

Skin burned by the fires of the devil,

Its bulk seeming many times bigger.


Taking it’s first huge steps on this earth,

The ground was shaking with fright,

The world hasn’t seen the likes before,

Even the darkness hated the sight.


It burst from its mother’s dark grave,

Into a gnarled and silent old forest,

Every instance of life ran for cover,

As the new ultimate force progressed.


The trees smouldered as it went by,

Its radiant body left a black path,

The knotted and knitted branches,

Didn’t slow its unrelenting wrath.


The edge of forest shone in beams,

Like hundreds of small searchlights,

It doubled its hellbent pace again,

Until it reached the urbanised sights.


Chaos ensued for the city’s people,

Panic spread like a deadly plague,

People ran for their fragile existence,

But their destinations were vague.


It was heading to the tallest tower,

Roads crumbled under its big hooves,

Without pause it started climbing,

Immediately birds made their moves.


Standing where it could be spotted,

By everyone from miles around,

It made a noise that filled air waves,

Humanity’s original homing sound.


Everyone stopped and gazed silently,

Either live or on tv screens near,

It spoke of the usual world domination,

And it would rule with just pure fear.


The skies went as dark as midnight,

The thunder now began to crash,

The air was a still and the rain came,

Mizzle first, then started to lash.


Rivers drowned the hoof marked road,

When it called out one last time,

Bow down to me, your new overlord,

Call me Glitterbob Ralf Fluffytime.


Silence fell around the soaked streets,

Then a quiet little chuckle rang out,

It grew into a torrent of happiness,

Glitterbob gave out a pained shout.


It clutched its chest in pure agony,

Letting go of the tower ledge,

He fell a hundred floors and died,

Impaled on a large privet hedge.


The rain stopped and sun shone,

The people got on with their life,

The hedge grew to ten foot tall,

And never saw a pruning knife.

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