Summer’s end


Golden leaves sprinkled on the trees,

Frosts threatening to return.

Hibernation hoards are gathering together,

Guys are being built to burn.


The sun is growing tired of the summer heat,

Long days are turning into nights,

The plants are giving out their nightcap berries,

Fuelling birds for their long haul flights.


Mushrooms are showing their marmite heads,

Beautifully ugly, encapsulating both,

Erupting from the tiring and sleepy earth,

Warn out from the summer growth.


Chill winds coming in from the roughening sea,

Over the heads of stampeding white horses,

Moving the once packed ruined castle sands,

Mini sandstorms reveal atmospheric forces.


Summer showers evolving into winter storms,

Parched relief turning to sodden hate,

Flooded roads and leaves on the tracks,

Summer time seems like a far off date.


Hearty stews and family roast dinners are made,

Replacing light salad lunches,

Slow cooked meat aromas float to fill houses,

Giving everyone the munches.


Central heating wakes to keep cold at bay,

Pipes banging in protest,

The dormant radiators slowly come alive,

After a season not being noticed.


Cosy fires eventually crackle and flare,

Lighting the evenings with a warm hug,

Pets magnetically attracted to the orange glow,

Wanting to enter the warming winter snug.


The long months ahead full of darkness looms,

The scarce heat man made,

But the winter months full of closeness and love,

As the summer heat starts to fade.


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