Speechless like a deserted desert island,

Surrounded by a sea of sound waves,

Serene isolation in a storm of jibba jabba,

Loneliness amongst the rants and raves.


Everyone can call everyone on earth,

Just with a press of a button,

Communicate their dull fleeting ideas,

From Bag dad on via Luton.


We all follow today’s latest fake news,

From Presidents and chavs the same,

Filling the virtual ocean with soundbites,

All want their five kilobytes of fame.


Conversations buzzing round everywhere,

Like bees bouncing off nosey eared walls,

Rooms bursting with words and gestures,

Every moment punctuated with calls.


Sitting in the centre of this commotion,

Hidden behind electronic speech,

Emotionless and void of human feelings,

My immediate ideas out of reach.


Answering the question before this one,

Always lagging behind mean time,

Exclamations circling round like whirlwinds,

Never stopping to admire a rhyme.

Contacts happening faster and further,

Quick words and pixelated pictures,

Are words losing their stated meaning,

Writing their gravestones in scriptures.


Friendly connection requests from face book,

A cheery retweet or two,

Instant messages from the one you love,

An emoji shaped like a poo.


Heart to heart chats in two continents,

With the best friend we’ll never meet,

Ones and zeros carrying the thoughts,

Emotions captured as minds compete.


Intimate secrets flying free across oceans,

Perfectly ripe for hacking,

A global highway with tailbacks of voices,

The virtual asphalt cracking.


Sitting in the middle of the data storm,

Raining information on all my senses,

I watch the world’s spin going full speed,

Speechlessly watching the consequences.

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