Fallen idols


Stars burning their white hot fuel bright,

Before turning to deep black holes.

The light traveling at speed across space,

Shining into their follower’s soles.


Influencing everything the radiance hits,

Bringing with it life and meaning.

Becoming the centre of their small lives,

Governing the way they’re leaning.


These interstellar idols have started to dim,

Masked by the dawn of false light.

Gone are the days of the superstars shining,

Gaudy LEDs are blocking our sight.


The shining light of fame is calling out loud,

Everyone does have a unique talent hiding,

Simon Cowell just needs to press the button,

Transforming even you to the next big thing.


Those untouchable idols, yours to keep near,

Skills born once in a generation,

Known throughout the human race personally,

With collective awe and veneration.


Slowly replaced by statues between flowers,

With queues slowly filing solemnly passed,

Basking in the fading starlight of old memories,

The shadows bright rays will forever cast.


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