Best mates


Traveling together everywhere they go,

Inseparably joined throughout the day,

Both vital to each other’s daily routines,

Winding smoothly each and every way.


They weave through crowds of marvel,

Strangers stopping to stare,

Each of them having their own task,

Each of them have to be there.


This partnership is years in the making,

Creating a telepathic bond,

Every movement each of them takes,

Instantly the other will respond.


Journeys to the ends of the earth taken,

Or just down to the shop,

Through mud, leaves or just humanity,

I know these two won’t stop.


Different city streets each stroll along,

Passed tents and castles alike,

All the different races and cultures go by,

Like scenery blurred from a bike.


Both know the other’s abilities by heart,

The whole greater than its single parts,

Each day tending to their partner’s needs,

Ever present from when the days task starts.


Over the bumps and holes of daily life,

They glide across them with ease,

People’s warnings fall on deaf ears rightly,

They go unheeded where they please.


Holidays in the baking summer weather,

Skidding on the winter ice,

Trudging through the golden autumn leaves,

Walking in the spring paradise.


Through the years the bond gets stronger,

Showing through the scrapes,

Growing older through shared experiences,

Slowly they both begin to trapes.


As their companionship starts to end,

Knocks from close shaves show,

Wearing joints creak and cogs whine,

A few vital components start to go.


Eventually every special pair finishes,

A new partnership is being born,

A new wheelchair gets their one and only,

The old one gets a new dawn.




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