One Way

Is there any free choice in a life?

Are we on one way train tracks?

Living on a predetermined route,

Unaware of the fundamental facts.

Following the satnav to our own grave,

No diversions on your winding way,

Heading head on through a clear path,

Constantly driving through the day.

No forks in your pre planned journey,

No signs helping you to see ahead,

Illusions of the world around the linear,

No reversing mistakes you’ve said.

The exit ramps always closed forever,

Causing traffic jams for many years,

Life in the fast lane comes to a halt,

Break lights distorted by our tears.

Occasional views that delight go by,

Distracting from the daily mundane,

But glances never last for that long,

As they vanish from your window pane.

Service stations offer a welcome break,

But it’s not a memorable experience,

Sanitised and devoid of simple humanity,

No care in their service deliverance.

But you drive off with your happy meal,

Intentionally named ironically I bet,

Back to the human race to the end of life,

And the miles you can easily forget.

Break downs and crashes are common,

On this straight road of unknown length,

The recovery time is long and arduous,

Getting going again takes all your strength.

Each knock you take slows you down,

As the hits come from each intersection,

Scars and dents cover your fragile body,

Adding to your weathered complexion.

The one way road is yours to travel down,

Towards your own final destination,

A personal journey we all take together,

One life, one way, one set direction.

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