A picture paints more than a thousand words,

But one word can create a thousand pictures,

A simple swipe of a great master’s old brush,

A single line of the holiest of ancient scriptures,


Infinite ways of interpreting all their meaning,

Every person has their unique ideas in mind,

A misread word or a hidden symbol noticed,

Giving viewers different conclusions to find.


Hard facts are becoming softened up in time,

After nine rounds of fake news and real lies,

Becoming punched out of their own context,

Knocked out of source material it justifies.


Free and fast facts forming at our fingertips,

Scrolling by in a landscape of virtual intrigue,

A war torn field fighting for your attention,

No holds barred in this information blitzkrieg.


No careful checking of the origin of the data,

No filtering Chinese whispers or opinion,

No parental controls on people’s beliefs now,

The world wide web is a lawless dominion.


The lying game is not just a common hobby,

Presidents and Prime Ministers do it often,

Plastered on twitter and the side of busses,

Hard hitting headlines now starting to soften.


Suspicion now greets every bit of good luck,

A lottery win which seems to happen daily,

Or your long lost uncle has you in his will,

Which hisses from that lying snake so scaley.


That suspicion is always walking by your side,

Like a guide dog steering you around lies,

Dodging bullets of fiction and fake arrows,

They maim and kill more than you realize.


A well placed fib can grow to immense sizes,

Feeding off people’s likes shares and retweets,

Filling the world’s countries and continents too,

Until we can’t escape one orange man’s deceits.


The fact is that lies are more believable now,

In the total madness that’s surrounding us,

Fibbers are everywhere and they’re uncensored,

So beware the great offers, they’re dangerous.  

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