A fire in the sky glows orange above me,

Smoke billows lazily across the land,

Filling valleys and troughs like bubble baths,

Droplets freezing by Jack Frost’s hand.


The sun fades into memory like an ember,

The catalyst of this distantly lit blaze,

A contrasting ceiling to the shadowy floor,

Partially obscured by the foggy haze.


Bare trees shivering in the residual light,

From a breeze cooled by the far north,

Twirling and twisting the misty blankets,

Ready for when the night comes fourth.


No clouds floating across this golden sky,

An unbroken hemisphere of deep light,  

The shortened days life celebrated in style,

Treating everyone to a memorable sight.


Traveling along a slow moving motorway,

A river of brake lights meandering ahead,

The scenery distracting from my journey,

I carry on wandering under a sky so red.


Stuttering among the sleepy countryside,

Watching a single bird crossing the sunset,

The dark shape disappearing into the fire,

Melting away like the memories we forget.


Floating down the stream of idling vehicles,

Passing islands and sailing round bends,

Black cooling towers dominate the scenery,

The natural landscape suddenly ends.


Looming shapes blocking the dying sunset,

Five featureless lumps of cold concrete,

Billowing steam up towards the burning sky,

Adding to tomorrow’s global wave of heat.


The darkening sky a shade of crimson now,

No detail in my slumbering winter land,

I’m following my artificial red illuminations,

To a destination my satnav has pre planned.


The last drop of light falls from the inky sky,

Silently disappearing without a trace,

Night has reclaimed my scenic landscape now,

I plunge through darkness at a snail’s pace.

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