Enter night


A thousand breaths in the darkness,

Countless heartbeats from my chest,

Every moment takes an age to pass,

Restlessness messes up the old nest.


The sandman doesn’t enter so freely,

Dreams are blocked at the entrance,

No relaxation or vital restoration here,

The place where my thoughts dance.  


My mind runs away like the light has,

As fast as the waves leaving the lamp,

The black hearted air surrounds me,

As the sweat beads come out to camp.  


The night filled with feelings of dread,

Gnawing at the closed bedroom door,

Feeding on its deformed bloated body,

As it slowly moves across the floor.


Stagnant air rushes in and out my lungs,

Breathing in the smell of the creature,

Intoxicating my pressurised bloodstream,

The stench of fear was its main feature.


Sensing the cold sweat on my bare skin,

It crawled up my spine like a shiver,

Getting up to my unguarded brain cells,

It unleashed its thoughts like a river.

The nightmarish torrent suddenly shared,

Visions of torment entered my head,

Contorted bodies and withered spirits,

Disturbed me in the safety of my bed.


I couldn’t move with it sat on my chest,

Frozen from feelings of futile fear,

Every stinking breath a laborious feet,

If I tried to scream nobody will hear.


The safety of the lamp was out of reach,

The darkness consumed our fight,

My night time attacker stealthily moved,

Once the day ran out of its light.


Once it had shared its hellish dreams,

Brainwashing me of happy thoughts,

It left me reeling without a goodbye,

To continue its usual nightly sports.


I immediately illuminated my bedroom,

Everything came into my vision,

Normality dominated the familiar vista,

So sleeping was my next decision.


The next morning I woke with a thirst,

It was light but didn’t see the clock,

I staggered into the bathroom blinking,

Blinded by the sunshine running amok.


Grabbed on the cool sink by my mirror,

I filled a glass and started to drink,  

The cold water wasn’t satisfying me,

Then I noticed I didn’t half stink.


I looked up at my fogged up mirror,

A scary image gave me a heart attack,

I wasn’t looking back as I usually do,

The visitor from last night stared back!



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