Night life


Rays of ancient light decorate the darkness,

Gifts from far flung formidable giants,

Grains of brightness from alien solar systems,

Displaying for tonight’s street tenants.


A ceiling of beauty half hidden by pollution,  

Smog lit up with moss tinged gloom,

The atmosphere spiked with poisoned gas,

Pointing to life’s self impending doom.


The city’s night life inhabited this blanket,

Safety and comfort was a daydream,

Fear and loathing was the popular choice,

Survival was the main overriding theme.


This wasn’t the high life in the big city,

The advertised land of opportunity,

That place shut when the sun descended,

This was a totally different community,


The crime and disease riddled population,

Living in the shadows of the high rise,

Death constantly strolled among them,

Not bothering with his cloaked disguise.


Alcohol and drugs fuelled the activities,

Of the people who lived the night life,

Dependencies drove their economy wild,

Pushed forward with the point of a knife.


Supply and demand was the foundation,

Of the night markets booming trade,

Satisfaction guaranteed its famed moto,

A thin veil over goods cheaply made.


Cocaine cut with crystal cleaning powders,

Whiskies and wines watered down,

Stolen goods packaged like brand new items,

No tax returns going to the crown.


The night customers had no buyer’s choice,

No comparison sites to look for deals,

It was a seller’s market with no regulations,

The prices fall on their greased wheels.


The growing population of the night life,

With unhealthy unbreakable habits,

Have to self medicate without any doctors,

Seeing with pupils wider than a rabbit’s.


The big city’s night life will take anyone,

No matter their colour or their age,

If someone has a disability or an illness,

Nobody is put in a different cage.


Equality is in the streets of the night life,

Unlike in the sun light of the city day,

They can clearly see the people’s problems,

But do nothing that’s out of their way.


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