Put together wrong


I must have been put together all wrong,

All the matching tap in screws and faces,

Randomly stuck with old tape and dry glue,

All the Parts in the first convenient places,


My stork didn’t bother to read instructions,

They thought they knew what to do,

Hastily grabbing similar axons and neurons,

Putting together someone brand new.


Components produced to the finest detail,

Hand made from the best of all makers,

Quality controlled and meticulously tested,

Only to be assembled by micky takers.


Nine months of perfect creation in house,

Every care and consideration duly met,

Protection all around this precious cargo,

As near perfection as you could ever get.


Only to arrive at the point of the delivery,

Ready for assembly with utmost care,

Only for the precisely engineered product,

To be hastily created in a bad nightmare.


Thirty-seven years later I am still working,

With a few unique blemishes to show,

My high end construction kept me running,

Just switch me on and watch me go.

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