Fading heat


Wilting leaves in the heat haze of September,

The vibrant green fades into tired yellows, 

Spent light factories producing the last sugar,

Shutting down as the summer heat mellows,


Nature’s mad rush to get in its harvest time,

Bountiful branches and bushes bowing,

Sharp showers swelling the sustaining fruits,

Layins for early cockerels sunrise crowing.


The cooling land soaks up needed water now,

After being baked hard in the fading heat,

Filling firing cracks left from the summer kiln,

The rare drought is finally in muddy retreat.


Grass covers the recovering earth like rugs,

The scorched yellow fading into new green,

Reaching their shorn foliage to dark clouds,

Preying for refreshing water to intervene.


Tired flowers approaching their final sunset,

All the colours of the rainbow on show,

Their life’s work almost complete for a year,

Dying back so their seedlings can regrow.


The wearily rising sun struggling to wake,

After a season of nearly daily burn outs,

Sending hazily produced heat to the earth,

Only able to perform in strenuous bouts.


Its fading heat slowly dissipating over time,

Retiring to do more relaxing by the pools,

Emigrating south alongside the flying flocks,

Leaving behind the ecosystem that cools.


Nature is shutting down and preparing itself,

For darkness and the long drawing night,

Hunkered hibernation and hunting for heat,

Everybody get closer and snuggle up tight.  

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