Shame on Shingles


Motorways of electricity misfiring in painful bursts, 

Lying to my brain and giving it false info it thirsts,

Pulses of power charging up my damaged nerves,

Tingling with evil going along senses as it swerves,

Ghostly feelings of pure agony crawling up my skin,

A symptom of the virus spreading out deep within,

Red battlefield mounds from the intense insertion,

Marking the captured territory of a foreign irritation,

The defences overwhelmed by the quiet enemy inside,

Sleeper cells dormant ready to attack nerves identified,

Weakest links scouted out and remembered for the raid,

Waiting for a loss of attention from the antibody brigade,

Quickly capturing unguarded nerves in the hosts structure,

Debilitating their enemy’s movements and their capture,

Sending messages of pain and discomfort to the brain,

The main aim to entertain the game of its reign of pain,

An army is riding towards the broken overthrown kingdom,

Four grams worth of ultimate force fighting for freedom,

Joining the retaliation from the ravaged land’s protection,

A fierce fight ensued causing heat, sweat and disinfection,

The viral army was crushed into a hastily planned retreat,

This island’s army will be on the lookout for the virus it beat.

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