No endings


Round and round we go in our own personalised loop,

People say stop digging when you’re trapped in a coup,

Soft ground laced with chicken wire stops the old spade,

Trusted your whole life to make exits when you’re afraid,

Pacing the perimeter clockwise looking out the daily chore,

No chinks in the cage waiting to be widened making a door,

The hamster wheel ever turning with no end in blinkered sight,

Getting nowhere with the most effort expended doing it right,

Or wrongly expecting a big ending that never comes to pass,

That finishing sequence the budget goes on is a complete farce,

Round and round to someone else’s tune playing repeatedly,

Dancing none stop to a beat turning the volume up heatedly,

No ends to the pounding baseline that demands your moves,

No breakdown that allows you to rest your banging grooves,

Your never ending story has no friendly dragon to ride upon,

No pre-planned exit to execute perfectly that you depend on,

Forget quaint happy or sad endings Hollywood was built on,

Nothing ever truly finishes at the point your interest is gone,

There is never a big “The End” screen anywhere in a real life,

Always a question mark afterwards with a twist like a knife,

An after scene you wait expectantly for through endless credits,

Or writing your masterpiece that keeps returning with edits,

Even this very poem has no clever and witty final ending line,

A trail of words that stop with you for the rest of your time,

Everything doesn’t have an end in the universe of recycling,

The diamonds been in many stars journeying to your bling,

Shining so bright for millions of years before you were born,

It will outlive us to see a new earth and even a galaxy’s dawn,

Seeing countless works of art and new poetry come and land,

There are no endings in this reality, it goes on and on and on and.. . .  

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