Midnight rendezvous


The heavy darkness that surrounds, I sit quietly in anticipated wait,

Stars above me wink while they watch, their light’s years too late,

Subtle silvery pin holes in the blackness, glitter spilt on death’s shawl,

The coolness paws at my heated skin, reminding me of winter’s call,

Scanning the night for the movement, perfectly design camouflaged,

A feather light touch on the midnight air, the ghostly figure miraged,

A meticulously designed hunting machine, stealthily prowling the skies,

Wasting no energy in the search for food, I suddenly spot its round eyes,

Staring we silently watched out together, connected by our sublime sight,

Time froze on our midnight rendezvous, thoughts rose away and took flight,

Minutes passed by like fleeting seconds, only stopping for an impolite glance,

A shrill call broke the rendezvous’ tension, my company took the acceptance,

The round eyes homed in on the source, our connection was snapped in two,

My company just took flight obediently, his mate really needed that shrew.

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