Neurons connect with a spider web of axons,

Trapping experiences and places for later,

Storing stories about your passed performances,

Helping your decisions from recalled data.


Filling the film projector shining in the cinema,

Selling the all the seats inside your head,

Memories expertly edited from your own angle,

Making sense of the random things said.


Directing your historical events with precision,

Oscar winning cinematography now playing,

Waking the dead to comfort and console us,

Giving us support for when we are swaying.


High definition streaming service from within,

Instant access without passwords or login,

A million gigabytes of content freely available,

You only need that special memory jogging.


That unforgettable holiday in a foreign land,

Or cosy family Christmases draped in snow,

Always on a watch now and never pay to play,

Never slowing your bandwidth at peek flow.


The organically grown database on demand,

Solely for you to use limitlessly and share,

Entertaining people with remembered deeds,

Just using what’s underneath your hair.

Subtle connections link each of your tales,

A special person or one very familiar smell,

A huge overarching storyline called your life,

Keeps the viewer hooked to each bombshell.



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