New Trust


Trust me I’m here for you whatever,

Through anything the world throws,

I know I’ve known you a few days,

But I’m here wherever the path goes.


I understand you had a rough break up,

A relationship you’ve had for years,

I know the memories are still so raw,

You are bound to have some fears.


I don’t know you and you’re the same,

We’ll have to grow older together,

I’m learning what makes you comfy,

I’ll help you to cut the old tether.


We’ll have some great experiences,

Traveling together far and wide,

Up hills and down winding roadsides,

Taking each other for a wild ride.


I know everything is unnatural now,

Like that awkward first proper kiss,

But with practice and persistence,

You and I know we can do this.


We’ll quickly form a dream team,

In everywhere you take me to,

We’ll stand out from the masses,

In everything we say and do.


Let my new improved technology,

Help you in the best way I can,

I’ll carry you everywhere you need,

We have your future to plan.


My wheels will get you anywhere,

My seat will support your back,

I’m your brand new wheelchair,

And we have a world to attack.



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