The Uninvited Visitor


It said it wouldn’t come so soon,

But it’s on the welcome mat,

The unwelcome sight of horror,

The unexpected vision of that.


It was coming at a far off date,

Time to prepare and get ready,

Now it’s here making itself known,

A nightmare looming like Freddy.


I hear it tapping nails on my door,

Waiting for me to let it inside,

Insistent like a double glazing man,

Leaving me nowhere to go hide.


Knocking on the letterbox hard,

Quickening my beating heart,

This uninvited visitor is impatient,

Waiting for the pain to start.


Waiting to be invited in like Dracula,

Thirsty for some of my blood,

Blocking the entrance like a gargoyle,

Made up by the thickest mud.


I am forced to let it in my home,

My heart full of crippling dread,

I become a hostage in its power,

Horrific thoughts filling my head.


It is wanting to say something now,

Looking at me, waiting for a cue,

Like the information held is so vital,

I relent and unstick its horrible glue.


It slowly told me it’s hellish message,

Staring in my horror filled eyes,

You owe Barclay card 9500 pounds,

For buying your household supplies .

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