The Night After Christmas


It was the night after Christmas,

When all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring,

Not even a tiny little mouse.


Dad was dreaming of mince pies,

And a juicy turkey that self bastes,

Whilst digesting a whole yule log,

Reliving all those delicious tastes.


Mum was sleeping soundly beside,

Full of brussels and a turkey leg,

All night she was blowing a merry tune,

Lucky dad was wearing his peg.


Granddad was snoring on a beanbag,

Paper hat still jauntily on his head,

His grey nicotine stained beard full,

Fed on the crumbs of garlic bread.


Grandma bagsied the comfiest chair,

She put her eggnog beside it all day,

Magically it filled up every half hour,

She was sleeping the hangover away.


The long lost uncle was on the sofa,

He would only turn up once a year,

Constantly muttering under his breath,

After he drank his weight in beer.


The dog was having a walkie dream,

In front of a slowly dying log fire,

Sleep walking off the turkey dinner,

Fiercely guarding his new toy tyre.


The three children were silently asleep,

Reliving all the Christmas cheer,

Their big beds crammed into a tiny room,

Because their shy aunt was stopping here.


The children’s temporary room was full,

Three beds and a huge fireplace,

Tastefully decorated with magnolia paint,

And curtains made from pure lace.


At three o’clock the old clock chimed,

It was 2 54 precisely,

The three children woke up with a start,

 All three were shocked very nicely.


There standing on the fire hearth he was,

In the middle of a fog of soot,

Beard of clouds and dressed in bright red,

A dark black boot on each foot.


With a ho ho ho he started to talk,

Asking each child a set of questions,

Did you get everything you asked me for?

Was the first of the kids interrogations,


Second was a bit more general after,

Have you had a good yule tide?

Now the sherry had caught up on him,

But his tipsiness he did hide.


The third of his questions was strange,

As he was standing right there,

Do you believe in Father Christmas?

answers to each were very clear.


The three children answered yes each time,

That made Santa laugh out loud,

His suit begun to sparkle and flash brightly,

As he vanished into a white cloud.


Then the three children heard bells above,

With many pairs of snowy hooves,

Santa was starting his journey back home,

Over all the wintry white roofs.


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